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"Capro offers purpose-built transportation boxes to protect sensitive equipment during transportation, storage and operational use"

Capro is one of the leading norwegian producers and suppliers of flight cases, transportation boxes, suitcases and trunks. Capro offers a wide range of standard sizes although every product can be constructed and purpose-built according to each customers specifications, wishes and demands.
The recent years Capro has shown ability to take the leadership within this certain profession.

Capro was founded in 1989, by Mr. Jon Olav Rosøy and Mr. Roar Øien. The company employs 9 high-skilled workers at the moment.

Capro mainly serves norwegian customers, still we do have frequent deliveries to our neighbour countries, Sweden and Denmark.

Capro is seated in Melhus, near Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. The city of Trondheim is about 520km north of Oslo, and the nearest airport to Capro´s factory is Trondheim Lufthavn - Vaernes, about 50 minuts travel from/to Capro.

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